Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Staffing Changes

Over the past year we have had a number of staff changes.

Tim has left this area and moved to Kingston. He has been working in the Canadian Forces Physiotherapy Department covering for a maternity leave. He has purchased a house and a dog, and is enjoying his time there.

Raman joined us to help cover Nicole's maternity leave, working in Sidney and Victoria. She, unfortunately had to return to the lower mainland for a while, so left the clinic last fall.

Shevaun started working in the Victoria clinic to give us coverage for the late hours, and will now be leaving us mid March.

Starting in January of 2012, Nicole has given us Saturday coverage, which has been popular. This is a trial until June, and we will re-evaluate it at that time.

The Victoria office staff has seen one change: Margaret Karra replaced Amber.


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